Seda Nur

Beauty Expert & Educator

Today Seda is one of Sydney's most reputable artists, known for her keen eye in creating flawless and precise results. She is dedicated to the art of all things beauty and giving her clients confidence each and every time. Seda has worked with 1000s of clients, which has equipped her with the skill sets in building a successful beauty business. Seda has been very fortunate to have honed her skills under the watch of some of the greatest professionals in the industry. Her passion in educating is to help you and your business thrive!


“Seda gives good feedback and gives professional and friendly service. Her constructive feedback allowed me to work or improve on my mistakes or lack from experience. Overall, I will recommend from learning online.”

Samira Kassi

“Seriously thank you so much for creating this! I've been taught lash lift training elsewhere and not merely as helpful as this one! Love the in depth lash lift reversal section. Thank you!”

Laura Antonia

“Seda has been so kind to run me through some promotional advice and has been nice to advise how I should build my clientele”

Fatima Saadi

“This course is so thorough and covers everything you need to know about lash lifting! I can not recommend Seda's training enough, I highly advise that if your wanting to up-skill then this is your lady!”

Amy Louise


In our workshops, Seda will be teaching all her signature tricks & tips that she has mastered under the supervision and guidance of some of the best international and national artists in the world!

  • 4K Video Tutorials are thorough, professionally made, a step by step education that leaves nothing to the imagination

  • On-going support and work submissions for feedback

  • Detailed and comprehensive theory & videos

  • Personalised course certificates upon completion!


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